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and welcome to 4leaf! This site was made for my own amusement. I post whatever I want here, regardless If anyone will see it or not, so expect it to be constantly under construction :^) The stuff I post here goes from an about me page that I constantly update, to shrines about topics no one cares about, to a blog where I talk about my day to day life! That's what 4leaf's all about baby! now.. sit back, grab a drink If you'd like, and enjoy the show!



I decided to learn html because of the endless possibilities of web design it brought me. My first introduction to it was because of this coding class the elementary school I used to go had, the concept blew my mind and I got a high mark on the class for making a sonic-themed was very shitty but nonetheless! it was something! then some years passed and I quickly forgot about it, but, in 2021, when carrds were widely popular, I decided to make one for my (now abandoned) twitter account. When I got on the interface, I saw was a website builder..... and worst of all! I couldn't do whatever I wanted!!! miss me with that shit! and then I made a neocities and created this site :-)

nice sites i like to look at...




3/8/22: remade index, excuse the slurs

6/7/22: about me page and kakyoin shrine are done!!! yeha :D

24/6/22: updated blog layout ehehehe. currently remaking about me page and kakyoin shrine ;P

10/6/22: made the homepage look WORSE! on PURPOSE! also made a new blog ehe

28/5/22: messed with the code for a lil bit... this page should look the same on all devices now..... hopefully...... also im workin' on the new kakyoin shrine lol!

25/5/22: moved buttons, got rid of some free space, moved css over to html, will probably remake my shrines (again)

24/5/22: made an updatelog and filled sum (but not all) free space :P

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